Now for what got me started in building and selling AMC parts. While restoring a 71 AMX, I couldn't find a reproduced stripe that was factory correct. I thought, it can't be that hard to get it done right. So I took some NOS stripe material I had and set out to find a company that would write the program. After some searching, I found a stripe manufacturer that made stripes for GM and Ford. I paid them to do the design work and make a program for me. Being that the car was built in the first week of production for 71, I wanted the early style stripe like shown in the brochure. Since I also had NOS early fender pieces, I had them make both styles. To help recover the money I put into the development, I started to sell them with great success. I had people who had bought brand X only to remove them and put my stripes on. Well the feeling of doing something right for our hobby transformed into engine parts. Again I got tired of having to pay top dollar for a part that wasn't always exactly right just because it was AMC. I would have an idea and then go with it. Now today, our efforts along with many others in our hobby, has brought numerous new, high quality parts to the market.

My promise to the hobby is to always bring you the highest quality and innovative parts while maintaining prices more like it was for SBC.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoy our site and find it useful