This engine was built for a customer in Racine WI. and was featured in the Nov 2006 issue of Popular Hotrodding. This 401 has 10.2:1 compression, a 579 lift 242@.050 duration solid roller cam, ported Edelbrock heads, our billet anti-walk cam kit, custom made 9 quart oil pan with external pick up, our external cam/dist gear oiler, an Airgap intake with a Holley 950 hp carb and aluminum high flow water pump. The engine makes over 500 hp on pump gas and never gets above 180 degrees. This is a very streetable engine that has tons of power all through the RPM range.
V8 Shaft Rocker System $799.00

New for AMC V8s from Alfano Performance is our 100% made in America shaft rocker system. Our rockers start out with a 1 piece solid block of 6061 T6 aluminum for added strength that is machined and precision fit. 01 drill rod is hardened, centerless ground and polished to our specs. Paired with the best shaft rockers money can buy, Torrington bearings, forced oilers and ARP hardware finish them off. These are extreme duty rockers able to withstand most any cam from a mild street grind to a radical roller. A shaft rocker set not only stabilizes your valve train, it increases hp while being much stronger than any stud mounted rocker assembly.

The kit comes with everything needed to install on two heads. All mounting hardware including the push rod adjuster cups from ARP. These will fit on any 290-401 engine with stock and most after market aluminum heads.

Fly Wheels and Flex Plates $159.00

SFI 29.1 certified steel 401 flex plates are also ready. These are extreme duty SFI certified good for 800hp and 8000+ RPM for Torque Flight engines. Heavy duty ring gear and anodized gold. Borg Warner flex plates coming soon.

Factory replacement style 401 and 360 4 spd flywheels in stock. They come machine surfaced so they are ready for a direct bolt in. We have clutches in stock to go along with these.

Anti-Walk Cam kits $210-259.00

I have made some enhancements to my anti-walk cam kits with an added groove to the standard kit and an external cam/dist oiler kit at no charge to my billet sets ($15 option on the standard kit). This adds an extra supply of fresh oil to the gears. If you have every seen what cam walk can do to your engine, you would never build one without this kit.

Forged Rods $395.00

We finally have all the forged rods ready for 290-401 engines in 4340 I-beams with ARP cap screw bolts. You can use the longer 1970 390/71 & up 401 rods in a 68-69 390 with our 401 pistons to get away from the problems associated with finding pistons for the shorter rod engines. All of the rods are made to exact specs. The side beams donít have the typical stock casting flaws making them much stronger than our stock forged rods. All the rods are bushed for full floaters (we have pistons to match), pin oilers and are rated up to 800 hp. The price of adding ARP bolts and bushing your factory rods will cost you more than a set of these new rods.

Thom Sansoucie Prints Framed & Matted $59.95

These are prints from Thom Sansoucie professionally framed and matted. Frame choice is either a high luster brushed aluminum or black anodized aluminum frame. This is a great addition to your rec room, office or garage. I carry Thom full lime of prints including other makes like Ford, Chevy and Mopar. He also has a new color line that you have to see to believe.